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Who Am I?

Hi I'm Sohaib Rabbani I am currently working at Computer Vision & Graphics Lab, LUMS on developing state-of-the-art AI/ML applications mainly in the field of Computer Vision. I have a track record of innovation and 3+ years of research and industry experience in designing Machine Learning (ML)-based solutions.

I am an enthusiastic philomath (love to learn) and I love to do Machine Learning in my busy time. I occasionally work on Android, WordPress, .NET Framework.
I am driven, inquisitive, and sharp-witted.

Current Work & Hobbies:

  • Working as a Research Officer in the field of Machine Learning & Computer Vision.
  • Doing MS (CS) with a concentration in Machine Learning.
  • Started writing blogs about my work and my learnings.
  • Learning about the ingredients of being a successful entrepreneur & creator.
  • Reading books about AI & self-improvement currently.
  • Trying to write poetry/songs (will record them in future).

My Past:
  • I worked at PakWheels for a year as an Android Developer.
  • I was the President of the Computer Society (FCAP) for more than a year during my bachelors (NUCES-FAST).
  • I have successfully presided/conducted 20+ technical events and competitions.
  • I started a venture with 2 people in 2016, where we provided IT solutions ranging from management systems to mobile apps for different companies.

Motivation for choosing Artificial Intelligence:
Even after choosing Computer Science as a choice of study, I was always fascinated with the concepts of a number of fields (i.e. Medical, Engineering, Arts, etc.). So, during my junior year, I started exploring different areas of study where Computer Science can be applicable, and just because of my fascination for Artificial Intelligence from childhood, I stumbled upon this conglomerate of disciplines which encompassed the exact idea I was searching for. Rest is Present!

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Deep Learning


I am happy to tell you
that I have successfuly completed over 20+ projects!

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Design Machine/Deep Learning architectures

Deep Neural Networks, Object Detection, Transfer Learning, Generative Models, Object Tracking.

Develop End-to-end applications

Creating end-to-end data pipelines, containerizing apps using Docker, tracking experiments using MLFlow platform, and tracking code changes using Git.

Strong Technical Writing and Leadership

Writing technical reports, managing teams for arranging workshops, and technical events, and delivering presentations to executives as well as subject matter experts (SMEs).


Work Experience

Research Officer - KICS @ UET Mar 2020 - Dec 2020

- Worked on Image-to-Image Translation using Generative Adversarial Networks.
- Worked on Appearance-based age & gender attribute recognition.
- Worked on Real-Time Object Detection for tower surveillance using concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Software Engineer @ PakWheels.com Jul 2018 - Jun 2019

- Worked on "PakWheels android app" | "Internal app for CarSure Team" | "PakWheels dealers app"
- Implemented new features and maintenance of all apps.
- Developed the project using scrum development methodologies.
- Conducted peer code reviews and project audit to ensure best practices.
- Refined requirements and time/resource estimation in Sprint planning.
- Continuously re-factored existent code.

Cups of coffee


Specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Deep Learning - A+
Computer Vision - A+
Machine Learning - A
Natural Language Processing - A

We are trying to detect numerous lung diseases and localize the affected area using Chest X-Rays. Our methodology revolves around mimicking how the radiologists' diagnose and teaching it to the network. The dataset used is from a local hospital, comprising of CXR images with corresponding disease annotation data of patients collected at different time stamps.

PsychX - Final Year Project
Android app that uses mobile sensors and an AI-based Chatbot with Machine Learning (Neural Network with Seq2Seq Learning) to analyze user’s behavior and psychological state, and then reports and give recommendations according to that.

My Specialty

My Skills

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